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Madison by Prism Yarns. True luxury in your hand, Madison is the same lush twist as Symphony but four plies instead of three.   The Cashmere content has been upped and silk is used instead of nylon. The result is a springy, luxurious yarn with incredible softness, exceptional stitch definition and great memory. One skein will make a kicky, long, narrow scarf .
  • Content: 75% Merino, 15% Cashmere, 10% Silk
  • Put-up: 3.5oz / 170yds
  • Gauge: 4 = 1" (#9)

A new style of dyeing pioneered by artist Laura Bryant, Ikat dyeing contrasts two subtley related colors with cream. Laura's precision dyeing allows unique patterns to be knitted by simply employing a Magic Number (the number of stitches required to use up exactly one round of colors), attention to color stacking, and color repositioning.

Rooted in the traditions of weaving, Ikat dyeing for knitting takes advantage of the subtle shifts of color as yarn, which is plastic, is knitted by humans, who are not machines! Just as Ikat-dyed warps shift as threads are wound onto the beam, we knitters have slight changes in tension that cause the colors to shift.