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The strength of SHEEP THRILLS is the totality of the the skills and talents of the people we rely on.  Technology, social media, numbers, laws - there are so many things you have to know about to bring great merchandise to great customers.  We wouldn't have had a chance with out the unequivocal support (and the skills and talents) of the people below.

   Patti Jacobson - is the owner and creative genius behind SHEEP THRILLS.  She has been a knitter, crocheter, sewer and quilter since she was a little girl.  Her newest passion is weaving.  Patti is responsible for developing SHEEP THRILLS into the leading destination for rigid heddle weavers in Florida.  She has tried to make her store the shop she would want to go to.  It has been a collaborative effort addressing the concerns of people she respects, her Advisory Board.  She encourages her customers to speak up and values their input as she continues to make SHEEP THRILLS a better place.  Patti is responsible for merchandising, display and sales.

  Jim Jacobson - is Patti's husband and Ralphie's best friend.  He is the one that recommended Ralphie for the job.  As a retired lawyer it's not surprising he handles all legal matters.  He is also responsible for this website, inventory maintenance, winding yarn and getting things that are to high for Patti to reach.  SHEEP THRILLS is famous for its parties and special events and Jim is SHEEP THRILLS caterer and party planner.  The shop could not run without Jim's help.  (Since I'm responsible for the website I got to write that last sentence and as everyone knows, if it's in writing it must be true.)

  Ralphie - When we first hired Ralphie we thought he was a lamb but we soon realized that he was neither a lamb or a bichon but a poodle and particularly well suited to be our official greeter.  Although he neither knits, crochets nor weaves he is a highly regarded member of our staff.  When the infrequent customer who is allergic or afraid of dogs comes to the shop Ralphie goes to his private retreat in the back of the store but the rest of the time he is diligent in making everyone who comes to SHEEP THRILLS feel welcome.  That is our motto and that is his job.  He does it very well.


  Angela Lino - epitomizes what SHEEP THRILLS is all about.  She volunteers at the store nearly every day we are open and is loved by everyone who knows her.  She is always cheerful and helpful and is a big part of the reason everyone feels welcome at SHEEP THRILLS.  

  Joanne Stewart -  An expert knitter who is often sought out by our customers for help with their projects.  She is our "official" baby knitter and creates many of our shop samples.  She volunteers in the shop several days a week. 

   Wendy Cappetta - Is our resident weaving expert.  In addition to teaching the ins and outs of weaving she is also willing to help with solving any of your weaving problems.