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Beginner Knitters: 5 Things You Should Know

The internet has a lot of information that can be overwhelming to those trying to learn a new skill. Besides learning how to knit, there are other things beginner knitters should know before embarking on the knitting craft.

1: Spend Less Time on the Internet

The internet is a place with a wealth of knowledge. If you want to learn something new, it’s nothing but a quick Google search. The problem is, sometimes there is too much information. When you’re overwhelmed with 10 different ways to knit a scarf, you may be hesitant to pick up knitting.

If you’re looking to do something for the first time, look up one simple tutorial for it and try that one out. Don’t go searching for more tutorials to confuse you and make it more complicated. Take it one stitch at a time. And if something goes wrong, just undo and try again!

2: Work with Your Favorite Colors

When you start knitting for the first time, you’re testing the waters, so you’ll probably pick up cheaper yarn and not invest too much yet. If you must be picky about one thing, it should be the color you use. Using a color of yarn that you like will make you look forward to finishing the piece since you’re more likely to see yourself wearing it. It also doesn’t hurt to look at a sea of stitches in your favorite colors as you keep knitting.

3: Pay Close Attention to the Yarn Information

Your fresh, new ball of yarn will most likely come with a piece of paper wrapped around it.

Pay close attention to that piece of paper! It comes with all the important information you’ll need to know about that specific yarn. It will suggest a needle size to use with it and standard gauge. Those are recommendations, but you can use whatever you work best with. It’ll also tell you what material your yarn is made of, how much yarn is in the ball, and how you should care for your finished project based on the material.

Also, this paper will indicate the yarn’s dye lot. This is crucial if you plan on using several balls of yarn for one project and you are keeping it one consistent color. Two balls of yarn can fool you and make you think they’re the same color. If two yarns are from different dye lots, there still may be a subtle difference you’ll notice once it’s stitched together.

4: Do Not Force Yourself to Knit

Sometimes you’ll start something you think you’ll like, but it ends up not being for you. Whether it be knitting in general or just the project you picked, and that’s okay. If you don’t want to pick up your needles and finish a project in progress, just start something new. It could be a new pattern, a new type of yarn, or new needles. Switch it up and find something you’re excited about.

Whatever you do, just don’t force it. Knitting is meant to be your escape!

5: It Won’t Always Be Perfect

The difficult part of knitting is spending a lot of time making something and not liking how it turns out. Sometimes this will happen, and you’ll just have to accept it not working out. Whether the color is wrong, or the hat you knit looks weird on your head, it’s okay! It happens to all of us and it’s a part of the process.

Don’t let these failed projects go to waste. You can either reclaim the yarn to make a new item or you can gift the item to a friend. Also, you may grow to love the item later on.

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