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Knit & Crochet for Charities

Looking for your next knitting or crocheting project? There are several charities who are looking for crochet donations now, so why not help a cause you care about with your handmade goods!

One of the greatest joys that come out of crocheting and knitting is that you can use your hands and materials to make others smile while relaying that passion into your creations. Whether making sweaters, socks or afghans, gifting those items to people we care about is extremely meaningful and rewarding. 

Here’s a list of 5 charities (in no particular order) where you can lend your skills to others in need, gifting while giving courage and strength to people who need it most.

  •       Knitted Knockers:  As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, crochet a breast prosthesis for a woman who has undergone a mastectomy.
  •       Knots of Love: Knots of Love donates blankets to Neonatal Intensive Care Units across the country. You can donate by knitting or crocheting a blanket made from any soft, cozy, lightweight yarn.
  •       Care2Knit:  Provide hand-knitted and crocheted items such as scarves, lap shawls, hats and other related accessories to those in shelters, hospitals, nursing homes and hospices.
  •       Warm Up America: This organization has volunteers donate their time to crochet and knit one or more 7" x 9" rectangles as well as entire blankets which provide warmth and comfort to people who have lost their homes, fled abusive situations, etc.
  •       The Snuggles Project: Calling all animal lovers: This organization accepts crochets donations for animals living in shelters worldwide to help them feel more comfortable.


Knitting for charity not only makes you feel good about what you are doing but also fills a need for many organizations all striving to make a difference in the world day in and day out.

There are so many people, families, kids and animals that have hit hard times and need some extra help. Putting your knitting skills to work to make helpful items is a needed skill. There are endless opportunities and projects out there where you can craft to make a difference. Any charity organization would be more than happy to be on the receiving end of your creative efforts, who themselves work each and every day to warm the hearts and bodies of those in need.


Sheep Thrills Knitting in Lauderhill, FL

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