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4 Ways to Include Sustainable Practices into Knitting

Have you ever stopped to wonder how sustainable your knitting practices are? Sustainability is not a trend but instead a mentality. There are many ways, both big and small, that you can make a difference utilizing sustainable practices when knitting your handmade goods.

 Knitters understand the value of what comes off our needles, they need to cherish it and wear it over and over again. When we discuss sustainability within textiles, we must understand where the yarn is sourced and how resource-intensive the process is. So, let’s jump to the chase and explore more ways that we can execute sustainable habits into our knitting process.


Here are 4 ways to incorporate sustainable principles when beginning your next knitting project:


  1.     Reusing older yarn: Do you have old knitted projects that you have made that you don’t wear anymore? Don’t throw it away when there is an eco-friendly way that you can rework this! Even projects that are sitting in the back of your closet that you never ended up finishing. Check out our blog article on "How to Reclaim Used Yarn"; As Sheep Thrills is all for sustainability and doing our part to not let materials go to waste, we have provided a step by step guide on how to reclaim the yarn and reuse it while working on your next project!
  1.     Sustainable Fiber Choices: So, what are some sustainable yarn choices? Wool is a fantastic choice as long as it is sourced ethically. Upcycled Yarn is made from recycled synthetic maters making it a great option. Other sustainable fiber choices are organic cotton, bamboo and silk!
  1.     Sharing Resources: Knitting is more fun when we help each other and share our love for the craft with our friends! Share and exchange the extra resources you have, trade patterns, books and tools. Having a group of people with the same passion and love for knitting can also become an opportunity to teach each other how to implement green practices into your crafts.
  1.     Mending: Lastly, the term “make do and mend” is something you should consider as a way to fight back against disposable clothing culture. It takes skill and practice, but the feeling of repairing your own crafts is deeply satisfying!


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