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Better Living: One Stitch at a Time

Knitting is an underrated craft that can be enjoyed by people of any age- especially while social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People are staying home more than ever- using their time to discover new skills or hobbies to take up. We are here to tell you that the craft of knitting in particular is a relaxing and practical choice that is proven to improve your well-being. During a time where it is important to maintain your sanity, it is important to note that self-care is an essential part of getting through this temporary situation we are currently living in.


At Sheep Thrills,  our slogan is: “Where Knitters Unwind”. We’re big believers that not only does knitting bring you joy but it has physical and mental health benefits too. The best of both worlds. We want to be the place where you can jumpstart your way to picking up the craft of knitting, paving your way towards bettering your health, education and wellness. Let’s briefly investigate the health benefits of knitting, shall we?


  1. Knitting Reduces Stress

    - The key to relaxation could be the repetitious and rhythmic motions that characterize knitting. This could explain why most devoted knitters swear by knitting as a de-stressor: doing it may cause a spurt of serotonin! Those who had been sluggish, stressed and depressed can soothe themselves through the art of knitting. The more you knit, the less worried and fearful they became. There’s something satisfyingly hypnotic about watching your needles move in a repetitive rhythm, and it’s easy to find yourself drifting into a super relaxed state of mind!                   
  2. Knitting Creates a Sense of Purpose

    - Knitting is perfect for those who want to set achievable tasks. Regardless of what you make, the success of your project can signal the release of dopamine, which stimulates your reward center. When you’re knitting, you’re equipped with the power of choice. Whether choosing to make a blanket or something for your children, you set your own goals that are synced with your preferences, which gives you a sense of control for your “me time.”

How can you get started with knitting?

It is incredibly easy to get started with knitting these days or even if you haven’t crafted in a while, you can learn to knit from scratch or refresh your memory on how to cast on and do basic stitches. At Sheep Thrills- we are more than willing to help you every step of the way as you pick up a new hobby that is not only a great expression of your creativity but an act that can improve your well-being. Allow us to be a resource for you and give us a call! Knit to gain instant pleasure and good health! 


Sheep Thrills Knitting in Lauderhill, FL

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of knitting, look no further. Whether you’re looking to order your next project online or wanting to meet other knitters at your local South Florida yarn shop, Sheep Thrills is the place where knitters unwind! Visit our website to shop online and find more information about our store hours.