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New Year, New Knitting Resolutions

It’s that time of year to put pen to paper and declare your New Year’s Resolutions!
Creating a list of Knitting Resolutions gives you the opportunity to reflect on last year’s finished projects, techniques employed, pattern choices, and skills mastered.

While we fully support the lifestyle goals that typically accompany the New Year, Sheep Thrills has curated goals that support our already resolved lifestyle choice: knitting! And not just because these are resolutions, we know we can keep. Now is the time to write down and commit to doing everything you want to do with your knitting this year! There will always be the resolutions like, finish the second sock and finally learn to crochet, but this year we wanted to share and curate more realistic and balanced goals with our knitting. Without further ado, here is Sheep Thrills Knitting Resolutions for 2021. 

1. Challenge Yourself

You can challenge yourself in many different ways. Maybe you will tackle a bigger project than you normally would, like a blanket. You could try to make something that you have never made before, like a hat or sweater. There is a whole world of crafts open to you, many of which can go right along with your knitting addiction hobby - crochet, spinning, and dyeing to name a few!

2. Knit More for Yourself

After spending so much time knitting gifts (especially during the holiday season) for everyone else, it can feel like ages since you’ve knitted anything lovely for yourself. Put together a list of projects that you want to complete in 2021 and stick to it. Knit for yourself first and reflect on why you started knitting in the first place! Bring on the selfish knitting!

3. Make a Difference

There are many local charities that will take hand-knit goods, but there are a few international organizations doing good work right now. If you want to get involved in your own community, most hospitals take hand-knit hats and blankets for babies. Some even provide patterns.  You can also donate WIPs (including all the yarn and needles to finish the project) that we know you will never finish to a nursing home or other in-need group!

4. Join a Group

It’s great to learn along with a community of knitters who are even as passionate about the craft as you are. Communicating and sharing your projects keeps you motivated and when you’re struggling, you can resort back to your group and ensure there is someone to turn to for advice. Here at Sheep Thrills we also offer classes if you want to have more hands-on learning. Masks must be worn by all participants!

Happy New Year, to all of our yarn lovers! May your year be full of fiber and fun! 

Sheep Thrills Knitting in Lauderhill, FL

Want to learn more tips and tricks? If you’re a South Florida local, Sheep Thrills offers private lessons for knitting, crocheting, or weaving during open hours. Call us today at 954-742-1908 to schedule your private lesson. You can also visit our website to shop online for the materials you need and find more information about our safety guidelines for shopping in-store.