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3 Ways to Celebrate National Crochet Month

March is finally here. That means it’s National Crochet Month! If you want to celebrate, here are fun ways to recognize your love for crochet this month.


For those who stitch year-round, you don’t really need a special reason to pick up your crochet hooks. National Crochet Month is a great way to celebrate and promote our craft to everyone who does not yet know of the joys and benefits of crochet. Keep reading to find out how.


1. Teach Someone to Crochet

Are you an experienced crocheter? What better way to spread the art of crochet than by passing your wisdom along to others. Teaching others your skills can help this amazing community grow. You can offer to teach a class at your local yarn store, teach your family, or teach your friends. Maybe even you can learn something about crochet this month! Check out the history behind crochet according to the Crochet Guild of America.


2. Take a Local Crochet Class

Some of the best places to improve your crochet skills are closer than you think. Search for local yarn stores in your area and call them to find out if they have any special classes for crochet this month. At Sheep Thrills, you can schedule private crochet lessons by calling our store at 954-742-1908. Every Tuesday afternoon in March, Sheep Thrills is also hosting a Sit and Knit. Sit and Knit is separate from our classes and is a time for everyone to knit or crochet with friends. We do have limited seating so you must make a reservation in advance. Don’t forget to invite your friends!


3. Splurge on Crochet Tools

If you’ve had your eye on a new crochet hook or special yarn and you’re dying to get your hands on it, treat yourself to it this month. And if you’re on a budget, Sheep Thrills always has a variety of items on sale. You can check them out in-store or online here.


Sheep Thrills Knitting in Lauderhill, FL

If you’re a South Florida local, Sheep Thrills offers private lessons for knitting, crocheting, or weaving during open hours. Call us today at 954-742-1908 to schedule your private lesson. You can also visit our website to shop online for the materials you need and find more information about our safety guidelines for shopping in-store.