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Essential Knitting Tips for New Knitters

We’re sharing some wisdom and giving you four of our essential knitting tips. These tips will help you build a solid foundation of knowledge and avoid common mistakes in your knitting journey.


Tip #1: Accidental Stitches

A common mistake among new knitters is accidentally adding in new stitches. This happens when you create a yarn over. A yarn over is when you carry your yarn in front of the needle as if you’re going to purl, but instead of purling, you knit into the next stitch. This creates a new stitch and throughout your knitting work, holes will start to appear.


It’s important to watch your work. If you’re knitting, you need to keep your yarn in the back. As you get more comfortable with the craft, it’ll be less likely that you make the mistake of slipping in an accidental stitch.


Tip #2: Start With Bamboo & Wood Needles

Bamboo and wood needles are known to be the best needles for new knitters for several reasons. The main reason is in the material – the natural surface tension in wood or bamboo allows for better grip. Working with slippery material is what every beginner should avoid.


Tip #3: Opt for Circular Needles

There is a wide variety of needles to choose from, but circular needles are more versatile than others. Circular needles are flexible because you can use them to knit in the round or to knit flat. They’re also more comfortable to use when you can just slide your work onto a table and take the pressure and tension off your wrists.


Tip #4: Interchangeable Needles are a Gamechanger

Interchangeable needles are a cable with screws on both ends where you can screw any interchangeable needle size onto. If you buy a set of interchangeable needles with multiple needle sizes and different cable lengths, you possibly won’t need to buy another pair of needles again.


If you’re committed to your craft, invest in a set of interchangeable needles today!


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