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Trendiest Knitting, Crochet and Weaving Projects for Fall

As fall creeps up around the corner, the knitting community is excited to participate in this year’s trendiest projects. From household decor to comfy sweaters, we are all eager to see what is in store for this year.

Chunky Crochet Blankets

Everyone loves a soft and warm blanket for the fall months, so why not crochet your own? Chunky blankets have gotten incredibly popular over the years. Folks don’t only use them to keep warm, but they are also perfect for home decor. These blankets are very easy to make and require simple stitching techniques. Every blanket can turn out different as well so every project is unique! 

To make a chunky crochet blanket you will need lots of chunky yarn, a large crochet hook and a yarn needle. First, you will start by making the foundation chain of your blanket and then chaining across however many chains you would like. Then you will put the chain into the second chain and crochet it into each stitch across. Keep repeating this. 

Once you have finished, weave the ending pieces of yarn in. Now you have a giant chunky blanket… what a great holiday gift!

Autumn Knitted Tablecloth

What better way to welcome fall (and your guests) than to knit a fall-themed tablecloth? Not only can you fall-ify your home, but you can also use these tablecloths for aesthetic social media posts, to show off your other projects. Go ahead and choose any shade of orange, brown or yellow and start knitting.

To make a knitted table cloth you will need yarn, a pattern, pins, circular knitting needles, and double pointed needles. Make sure the table is properly measured before you begin.

Woven Fall Coasters

Ready to match your tablecloth with coasters? Pick up a Swatch Maker Loom, yarn, scissors, a pencil, a ruler, large eye needles, and a coaster for sizing purposes.

Start by preparing your loom and adding wrap. Then, stick a ruler through your warp going up and below each strand. Weave a threaded needle up and below through the warp and pull it through. Leave about 3 inches of yarn at the end. Now weave row #2, going the opposite way. The fork will be used to push the rows down between the warp.

Keep weaving until you reach your desired length! Then, snip the loom and tie everything, tying the loose yarn into the back of the coaster. Now you have a perfect fall coaster to sit your cup of hot cocoa on!

Sheep Thrills Knitting in Lauderhill, FL

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