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The History of Knitting

The History of Knitting

It's time for a little history lesson!

When did knitting originate?

Of course there is no way for us to really know when the practice of knitting actually began. Historians can only make assumptions based on what they find, and the earliest discovery of a knitted object is from Egypt. Sock-like knitted pieces were found in Egyptian graves and it is believed that socks and stockings were seen as a status symbol. It is estimated that these old clothing pieces were made around 500 AD.


Knitting In Europe

Medieval cities also began to use knitting as an essential way to make clothing, blankets, and decorations. The most popular article of clothing they would make were caps; to be worn every Sunday and on holidays. Silk jackets were also quite the rage, knitted out of various types of yarn from all over the world. 

Petticoats and pillowcases followed soon after. Rugs with religious images knitted into them were admired across Europe.

In the middle ages, wool was the most used material since it was warm and thick. Other animal furs and hides, including wool, were spun to yarn and often dyed using plants, insects and other materials.

20th Century Knitting

Around the time of World Wars, knitting grew in popularity even more. It was the cheapest method of making clothing and could greatly benefit those who were affected by the wars. 

Soon after the Second World War, yarn began being produced in rainbow colors. This influenced even more knitting as people wanted to make colorful garments and blankets. 

Knitting Today

As technology progresses, it is no longer necessary to knit our own clothing - unless you want to. Nowadays, knitting is more of a hobby for people who enjoy a laid back activity that is simple yet extremely rewardable. Knitting is fascinating because you can watch work come to life just by using your hands.

The internet and usage of social media allows knitters to easily share and borrow ideas, which is something that hasn’t been available to us until recently. For the first time in history, we can see what people are knitting all around the world just by a quick Google search, which is one of the most important advances in knitting history.

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