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What to do with Leftover Yarn

What to do with Leftover Yarn

Let's be honest. Purchasing good quality yarn can be an investment, which is why it is important that as knitters, we use every strand. Here are a few fun ways you can use those leftover yards to make something special.

Knitted Bookmarks

They don’t have to be any specific shape or size, they just have to fit in between the pages of a book- this is why bookmarks are so perfect to make with leftover yarn.

Here is a tutorial:


Friendship Bracelets

When it comes to making bracelets, there are so many different patterns and colors you can choose from. Depending on the amount of yarn you have leftover, you can make the bracelets thicker or more complex. The power of yarn scraps is in your hands!

Here is a tutorial:


Mend holes in clothing

That's right! We all have holes in our socks, and what if we told you that leftover yarn is perfect for fixing those. Just sew up the tear and now you have a holeless garment with a little splash of color.


A basket for your leftover yarn

Spend some time saving every ball, strand, or piece of leftover yarn you have, and then knit them all into a basket that you can use to store all of your new leftover yarn.

Knitted Christmas Ornaments

The holidays are just around the corner, so why not make some ornaments out of your leftover yarn. They are meant to be small and special, so knitting them with what's left behind is perfect. Ornaments made of yarn are even shatter-proof.

Here is a tutorial:

More Ideas:

In case none of these little projects caught your eye, here are a few more. 

  •       Tassels
  •       Garlands
  •       Dishcloths and washcloths
  •       Mismatched socks
  •       Treasure pouch
  •       Scrunchies
  •       Keychains
  •       Cat toys (or just give the leftover ball or yarn to your cat. It's that easy.)

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