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Knitting for Beginners

Getting started with knitting for the first time? We’ve put together a guide to show you what you need to know before diving into your first project.

Gather Your Materials

First thing’s first, you’re going to need the right tools before beginning. Pretty much all you need is needles and yarn! The tough question is which do you choose?

There is an endless amount of options to choose from. You can go to a local yarn store to pick out materials with the help of experts, or you can buy starter kits from online shops. There are also different sizes and types of needles to choose from!

TIP: For beginners, Sheep Thrills recommends starting with chunky yarn and thicker needles. Not only is chunky yarn fun, but it’s easy to work with and grasp as you go through the motions of knitting. Thick needles are great for chunky yarn and allow the row to be more visible, making it easier to see where you’re going.

Cast On

Now that you’ve chosen the right materials for you, it’s time to start knitting. To start, you’re going to need to get the yarn secured onto your needles by casting on. This is the first necessary step to take so you don’t have any loose yarn. It’s essentially looping and knotting the yarn across your needle.

There are many helpful videos and tutorials online showing you the different techniques and steps to take, such as this. You can also participate in our guided knitting classes if you’re local to South Florida.

Start Knitting Your First Stitch

Whether you’re following a project or going with the flow, you’re all set up to begin stitching! There are many different stitches to follow and create. Some of the most common stitches are the garter stitch and stockinette stitch.

This may seem like the hardest part, but practice makes perfect! Knitting is just like any other skill; you need to hone it and develop as a knitter over time. Eventually, the repetitive movements you make while knitting will become almost natural. You’ll be able to knit in your sleep in no time!

Cast Off

Once you’ve finished knitting all your rows, it’s time to tie it all together with a cast off. All you need to do to get your work off of the needle is cast off each stitch on your right needle with two stitches at a time. On the last stitch, you should cut off a tail and use that to pull through and tighten your stitch. Now, your project is safe and secured!

Sheep Thrills in Lauderhill, FL

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