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A Guide to Knitting Needles

Embarking on a new knitting project means starting with the right kind of needles. There are so many types to choose from—that’s why we made this guide.

If you’re a beginner knitter, making the first step to choose your knitting materials may be dreadful. There are so many different needle types, materials, and sizes out there! Fear not. We have a guide that will help you pick the right tools depending on your project or desired stitch size.

Knitting Needle Materials

The material your knitting needles are made of doesn’t necessarily change with each project you take on. The material you pick is mainly based on your personal preference. It’s important to pick the material that feels best for you and ensures a comfortable knitting experience.


Wooden knitting needles are very common among knitters as well as bamboo needles! Wooden needles tend to be more expensive, but bamboo is a cheaper and similar alternative. These needles offer users an even knitting speed and a warm, soft touch that you don’t get with plastic or metal needles which can be cold.


If you’re looking for the cheapest needles, plastic knitting needles may be for you. They’re a wise choice if you’re just starting knitting and want to test the waters without making a big dent in your wallet. Plastic needles come in bigger sizes so they’re perfect if your project calls for bigger stitches. They are also lightweight and easy on the hands.


Metal knitting needles are the most durable of needles, being made out of aluminum, nickel, or brass. Because of their smooth surface, they offer users a faster knitting speed.


Needles can be made of many other different materials such as glass or resin. If you’re looking for something unique or just more density, these options may interest you.

Knitting Needle Styles

Straight Needles

The most common style of needles is straight knitting needles. These can be found in many sizes and they work best for smaller projects that don’t have a lot of yarn sitting on the needles while you work. These can be used to create baby blankets, scarves, and wraps.

Circular Needles

The most versatile style of needles is circular needles. They come with two short pointed ends attached by a cord. They come in varying lengths. They can be used for projects of most sizes, though they’re more commonly used in larger projects since the cord offers more space for the stitches. Also, the weight of large projects can sit along the cord and on your lap, which makes for a more comfortable knitting experience.

Double Pointed Needles

Double pointed needles come with points at both ends of the stick. They’re great for knitting in the round, so they’re best equipped for knitting hats, beanies, or socks.

How to Choose Knitting Needles

This guide should help bring you more insight into the different types of needles there are and what they’re better used for. This information can help you pick the right type depending on your project and preferences. In the end, it’s important to try different needles out and pick the one that works best for you.

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