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We have decided to become the go to shop for knitting needles in Florida the United States.  We carry all of the premier needles available from every premier manufacturer. 

We have the complete line of Signature needles.  If you are not familiar with Signature needles - they are by far the most expensive needles you can buy.  More than twice as expensive as the next most expensive, Addi, and five times as expensive as the other premier needles -Karbonz, Hiya Hiya, ChaiGoo and igKnite.  The people who own them swear by them. 
We have also have Knitter's Pride in all the sizes and in every needle in their DREAMZ line, their premier line - KARBONZ, their square lines CUBICS (wood) and PLATINAS (metal).  Every needle - singles, doubles, fixed circulars and interchangeables in all sizes, lengths and tips.

Hiya Hiya - Bamboo, Stainless Steel, Sharp Steel and Nirvanas - Single Points, Double Points, Fixed Circular, Interchangeables, and Hooks - are all in inventory and available for sale. Once again every needle in every size length and tip.

aDDI and ChaiGoo are also in inventory.  There isn't be a needle you need or want that you can't get at SHEEP THRILLS. When it comes to top of the line needles it is our goal to say " If we don't have it, they don't make it."

Kollage - titanium colored aluminum square needles from Louet in straights, double points, fixed circulars, interchangeables and crochet hooks

Sonic - titanium colored aluminum round needles from Louet in straights, double points, fixed circulars, interchangeables and crochet hooks

OTHER STUFF (Having Absolutely Nothing to do with Knitting)

At SHEEP THRILLS we always serve beverages - soda, water, coffee, iced tea, etc. -  and snacks - cookies, cheese and crackers, fruit, bagels, nuts, etc. - (never a charge) and are constantly looking for something different and interesting.
     Cheez-It Grooves Sharp White Cheddar Crispy Cracker Chips are surprisingly good.  Not nearly as chemical as you might expect and very crisp.  Most of our customers have given them an enthusiastic thumbs up.
     Kirkland Signature Microwave Popcorn - Movie Theater Butter is the best microwave popcorn we've ever tasted.  No more calories and a lot more flavor.  It's sold only at Costco.
   Wellsley Farms' All Natural Animal Crackers sold only at BJ's are really good - better than the competition.
     The two party's we have every month (a Birthday Bash for all of our Thrill Seekers whose birthday fall in that month and a special celebration for President's Day, Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc.) are more fun that you would think and one of the perks of being a brick and mortar customer as opposed to an online customer.
      Most of our online customers, who come to south Florida, make a special trip to our shop and are always surprised at our size, selection and welcoming attitude.

(My mother always told me, "If you can't say something nice about someone don't say anything."  My mother was a wonderful woman but she didn't know everything.)

Ralphie seems to like some people better than others.  I wonder why?
Am I the only one who thinks SHEEP THRILLS is a lot like "Cheers"?
I think knitters and crocheters who just found out that one of their children is having a baby are some of the happiest people on Earth.


Have you ever seen anyone happier than a knitter when she learns she's getting a new grandchild?
Why not try something different - knit a motorcycle helmet.
Does anyone knit or crochet because they need a sweater?
Knitting and crocheting are a good substitute for yoga and as a bonus you wind up with shawl.
Does anyone know anyone who only does one knitting project at a time?
Was your grandmother really that good a knitter or just better than you when you were 12?
Any idea why knitters are so good at multi-tasking except when they're counting?

Why does counting sheep put you to sleep but counting stitches keeps you alert?
A bull in a china shop - a cat in a yarn shop - which one do you think makes me more nervous?
I wonder if people would still like me if I didn't know how to knit.
When Superman relaxes at his Fortress of Solitude he never wears a wool cardigan - allergic?
Opening a new yarn shipment is one of the things I most look forward to.
The healthy snacks seem to last a lot longer than the stuff that tastes good.
I'll bet if you don't own a yarn shop, owning a yarn shop sounds like it must be a lot of fun.
A beautiful yarn is a joy forever.

 An e-commerce customer from Brockton, MA sent us this email completely unsolicited:

Hi Patty,
I ordered a skein of Madelinetosh yarn from you and it arrived yesterday.  Thank you for such fast service.  Also, I never expected the lovely presentation in the pink organza bag.  And, with a gift included in its own little pink organza bag! I was amazed when I opened the package!  Thank you so much for making the whole experience such a pleasure.  I unexpectedly ran out of that color yarn on a challenge project that is due on 7/31.  Yours was the ninth location I tried to find that color.  So, by the time I placed the order I was a bit overwhelmed by it all.  Your extra special touches just tipped the whole ordeal right side up.  I was happy when I sat down to knit again last night.  Thank you again for the yarn and gifts.  I appreciate the your help.

Every now and then people notice the extra effort.  We'd be lying if we didn't acknowledge how good it makes us feel. - Thanks Diane