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Title: Knitting Outside the Swatch

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Crochet So Lovely included 21 beautiful crochet patterns that you will wear again and again. Author Kristin Omdahl offers a collection of crochet lace patterns along specific themes–creating interesting lace by playing with gauge; creating allover lace; keeping lace as the focal point; and working motifsuÌ€as well as the time-honored techniques of broomstick lace, Tunisian crochet, and Bruges lace.

Knitting Outside the Swatch explores a new approach to knitting with an exploration of non-traditional construction techniques for creating and joining flowers, motifs, and various geometric shapes to create inventive and dimensional fabrics.  Kristin Omdahl presents a library of 40 original and innovative stitch motifs and shows how joining one or more motifs can create trims or whole fabrics. She demonstrates methods for center-out, top-down, and side-to-side construction.