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Spin Span Spun

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By Bette Hochberg
For many of us, just knowing how to spin and weave is not enough. We feel a kinship with the past, and want to know something of our traditions. But these traditions are hard to uncover. There is yet no formal history of spinning around the world, because there are still so many gaps in our knowledge. There are only fragments, and studies of particular areas of our craft.

Here are some of the myths and legends, records and anecdotes, which make up our legacy of spinning and weaving lore. Some of you will read them for entertainment, some for helpful hints, and some will view them as fibers from which they can spin their own tales of spinning and weaving.

A number of sources are identified in parentheses in the text, and these are included in the reading list at the end of the book. Since this is a potpourri of things from many times and places, there are no chapters. But an index is included to help you find your way.