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Summer Breeze Shawl Kit by Deborah Jarchow

The Summer Breeze Shawl Kit has all the gorgeous yarn you'll need to make this lovely light shawl. Deborah Jarchow, the patterns' author, believes that the fringe on a shawl is an opportunity to make a simple design pop. A 4-ply yarn (Almerino DK) was used for this project then one ply, two ply, three ply, slowly transition from this first color to the second color until all 4 plies are the second color. The best part is the yarn does all the color change work. So the weaver doesn't have to do extra work to get a beautiful color fade. Additionally the warp yarn has a bit of metallic in it which adds an extra sparkle to this piece. The ends of the scarf are a true work of art. They have three rows of decorative stitching, each over four rows of weft. Deborah added an additional distinctive touch by wrapping the fringes, a technique she'd seen used on many rugs. The effect is stunning! True to its name, the Summer Breeze Shawl, the woven fabric is so thin it can be worn as a full-width shawl or folded into a scarf.

Kit Includes:

  • Summer Breeze Shawl Weaving Pattern for Rigid Heddle Loom in Handwoven May/June 2017
  • Zippered Clear Plastic Project Bag with Sheep Thrills Logo
  • Warp: 1 Ball Transitions Lux, Trendsetter Yarns (49% Cotton, 47% Acrylic, 4% Metallic) 620 yds, Color 114 Lilac/Blue/Khaki w/Multi Metal, 612 yds needed
  • Weft: 4 balls Almerino DK, Rooster Yarn, (50% Baby Alpaca 50% Merino Wool), 124 yds, Color 217 Beach, 429 yds total (including yardage for wrapped fringe)
You'll Need (Not Included in Kit):
  • Rigid Heddle Loom
  • Weaving width: 20" or larger
  • 10 Dent Rigid Heddle
  • 1 Shuttle