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A Design for Two Looms Kit

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Weaving textures into the cloth is a favorite way to make a textile special. Creating warp or weft floats is easy to do on a rigid heddle loom by using pick up sticks to manipulate the warp threads. A multiharness loom can be threaded and treadled to create the textural patterns as well. The beauty of this design is that the fabric comes out looking the same whether it's done on either the Rigid Heddle or Harnessed Looms.

The Rigid Heddle version is fairly straight forward project using pick up sticks. The only difficult part is inserting and reinserting the second pick up stick to weave Block B of the pattern.

The Harness Loom version is a bit more challenging. Threading the 8 shaft loom requires that you pay attention to achieve the correct threading without making any mistakes. The weaving itself is fairly easy as the harnesses make the pattern rather simple by using the levers or treadles. The completed scarves look almost identical no matter which version you choose to do!

Kit Includes:
-Scarf for 8 Harness or Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving Pattern
-Zippered Clear Plastic Project Bag with Sheep Thrills Logo

-Warp and Weft Yarns
3 Skeins Shelridge Yarns, 4-ply Worsted Weight, 100% Superwash Merino Wool, 100 grams=220 yards each

-Color 1 - Rust - 140 yds warp + 50 yds weft = 190 yds (1 skein)
-Color 2 - Pumpkin - 100 yds warp + 80 yds weft = 180 yds (1 skein)
-Color 3 - Peach - 50 yds warp + 100 yds weft = 150 yds (1 skein)

You'll Need (Not Included in Kit):
-Shafts: Rigid Heddle Loom or 8 Harness Loom
-Weaving width: 9.25"
-10 Dent Reed
-1 Shuttle, 2 pick up sticks for rigid heddle version