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Heavy Duty Ball Winder


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This ball winder is built to last. Nancy's Knit Knacks has developed a heavy duty Ball Winder for the knitting industry which has the following distinguishing features and characteristics: Made of hardwood, steel, and commercial grade, heavy duty Swiss gears. Will wind balls up to 1 Lb. and greater! The yarn guide arm can be swiveled 180 degrees to allow for 5 different angles at which the yarn supply can be positioned relative to the ball winder. An optional motor drive add-on kit will be made available by late 2006/early 2007. This option may include a foot pedal, variable speed, and auto shut-off.  Unit is maintenance free and does not require oil or belt replacement. Although the O-Ring friction drive band will last a very long time, it may wear over time depending on the amount of use it gets. It can be easily changed by the user if it ever becomes slick or worn. Includes 2 heavy duty table clamps (5/16" L-bolts). These allow for mounting to table thicknesses of up to 2.5".  Designed and manufactured in the USA!  Don't let the beautiful wood construction fool you into thinking that this is just another "pretty face" product. The HDBW is a solidly engineered product. One man year of trial and error combined with some very talented engineering effort went into this machine. We used the positive characteristics offered by the combination of hardwoods, steel, and plastic materials to arrive at a design that combines beauty, durability, and power. Most parts have been over designed for their intended application. We knew that shop owners needed a machine that would not fail like the plastic ones that had been used and abused for many years. We even considered a variety of add-on products that we plan to make available in the future.