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Lineaz Double Point 6" - 5 Pack - 4 US / 3.5 mm

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Knowledgeable knitters consider LINEAZ NEEDLES the Rolex or Mercedes-Benz of needles. They are exceptionally strong but light since they are a fusion of wood with nickel plated brass tips. • The polished wood surfaces work well with every type of yarn avoiding yarn pulling or tension and allowing the knitter to maintain a constant rhythm. • The Nickel Plated tapered points won’t get worn or misshapen and are ideal for all types of yarns. • With these needles knitters can work for long hours without feeling hand fatigue. • Undoubtedly the materials used to fashion these needles are costly but the wood is much harder than the ebony and rosewood used in other needles and the metal tips, which are unique to LINEAZ NEEDLES, further improve their functionality and thus justifies their cost and makes these needles a superior value that the owner will cherish and enjoy for years to come.