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Set-Edelweiss ADDIction-IC (Edelweiss)

These Edelweiss ADDIction sets are a reward you give yourself or a gift you give a very special knitter.

The Edelweiss ADDIction interchangeable needle sets are manufactured in Germany by Addi exclusively for Germany's Needle & Wool and sold in the United States exclusively by SHEEP THRILLS.

Like all Addi needles, the Edelweiss ADDIctions are meticulously and precisely made to the highest standards with specially selected materials.  The long set set contains 10 interchangeable 5" tips. The short set contains 10 interchangeable 3 1/2" tips. The tips which are made of Rosewood, the finest and most expensive wood used for knitting needles.
The rich hue of Rosewood makes it visually beautiful and the inherent quality of rosewood makes for a very strong and very smooth needle. These needles are engineered to have extra-long lace tips for comfortable pick up and are smoothly engraved for easy identification. The joints are smooth and will not catch your yarn. Each set contains 4 extra soft patented Addi SOS-cords. These Cords allow you to mark and secure stitch rows for complicated patterns, just in case you have to undo something sometimes. Also using this cord you can simply leave stitches on the thread and use the cord for another work. You can draw in your lifeline directly while knitting - without additional work. The patented Addi click system allows simply fixing the needles on the cords without using extra supplies. The short set contains 1x60 cm/ 2x80 cm/ 1x100cm cords as well as a connector. The long set contains 1x40 cm/ 1x50 cm/ 1x60 cm/ 1x80 cm cords as well as a connector. Each set is housed in a handmade custom nubock leather case with transparent pockets to keep the beautiful tips continually visible.