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Sheep Thrills exclusive blocking mats are perfect for steaming and wet blocking your knitted, crocheted, woven or felted garments and accessories. No more blocking on flimsy towels or accidentally soaking your bed spread trying to dry out that oversized sweater. These large 12" by 12" mats are sturdy 3/4" inch thick foam rubber. No more misshapen shawls. You can use the precise 1 inch printed on grid to block a shawl to exact measurements and the included T-Pins to pin out those pointed edges. Oddly shaped garment? Not to worry, the individual interlocking mats mean you can customize them to fit any size or shape piece. So whether you're blocking a hat and only use one mat or a large afghan and need to use all 9 this is a kit that every fiber artist needs!

- 9 Interlocking 12" x 12" foam mats, 3/4 inch thick
- Box of 100 Stainless T-Pins
- Each mat has a 1 inch grid printed on one side
- Zippered Plastic Carry Case with Handles