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Super Chunky Felted Merino Yarn for Chunky knits
Hand Made in USA

Content:  100% Merino wool
Yardage:   approx 30 yds / 27 m / 10 oz / 280 gm
Needle size:  US 36 (20 mm),  50 (25 mm) or 100 (35 mm)
Crochet hook size:   U (25 mm) or Y (35 mm)

Care:  Machine Wash, Tumble Dry 

How is TOUGH Loop different from BIG Loop?  TOUGH Loop uses the same merino fiber, but it is felted - which means it is exposed to hot water and heat and in the process it "shrinks".  As a result it is somewhat skinnier than Big Loop, a lot more dense and more sturdy.  It doesn't shed or pill and can be washed in cold, warm or hot water (make sure to wash similar colors separately as it may bleed) and put in a dryer.  Since this yarn is skinnier than Big Loop one skein makes a smaller size project compared to one skein of Big Loop.

It is a great choice for making objects for the home that can take a lot of wear and tear - such as baskets, storage containers, pet beds. FREE basket patterns are available.  Baskets made with size U (25 mm) crochet hook.  One Tough Loop Mini (10 oz) makes one basket.
Watch online video tutorial on how to crochet a basket.

Please note - due to hand made nature of this product variations in color and thickness are possible.  If you are purchasing more than one skein in same color in one order we will make sure the color matches.  We recommend always purchasing enough yarn in same order to complete a project.