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Rayon Chenille (Blue Heron)


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Chenille takes it name from the French word for caterpillar. Blue Heron's Rayon Chenille is of course caterpillar free (lol) and is 100% Rayon. This makes it not only incredibly soft, but since it's a synthetic (man made) fiber it's perfect for those who may be allergic to natural fibers. As with all Blue Heron's yarn, it is hand-painted in rich solids, tonal and complimentary color combinations that is their signature. This versatile yarn can be used for knitting, crochet and weaving. Great for garments, but also homeware to create sumptuous pillows and blankets. We purchased Blue Heron's entire stock of Rayon Chenille, so we are currently the ONLY retailer for this fabulous yarn!

8 oz skein has 725 yards.

Recommended needle:  US #1 - 3
Handwash with neutral soap
This yarn is great for weaving.