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Hand-dyed enters round 2!

A collection of 27 patterns using Lana Grossa Hand-Dyed yarns:  Allora, Seta Cotone, Pima Fine, Cool Wool Lace, and Meilenweitt Merino Sock.  Color names like Jamun, Neem, Sonam or Disha alone can instantly transport us to the shores of a sandy white beach with Palms gently swaying in the breeze, a mirror-smooth sea, while you soulfully sip a fruity cocktail. Did you lose yourself in this fantasy?

You can have this every day, because our Hand-dyed collection with its brilliant colors and numerous original features will fling your sofa, no plane ticket necessary, to a location 6000 miles away. Just give it a go, it´s guaranteed you will never want to return!