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BRITTANY knitting needles and crochet hooks are made in California from sustainably harvested birch. Wood is warm, smooth and soft. It won’t drain heat from sensitive fingers the way aluminum and plastic needles do. It is particularly good for knitter or crocheters who suffer from arthritis. The warmth and smoothness of hardwood nurtures sensitive fingers and provides natural strength and consistency for a lasting product.  Birch is a superior wood for this purpose, its tensile strength and stability maintains size, resists warping and allows for an extremely smooth surface. It is lightweight so the needles won’t fall out of your knitting yet Brittany's proprietary finish provides for one of the slickest needles on the market.  Wood is our greatest renewable natural resource. It is environmentally friendly; it’s recyclable, biodegradable and durable; when it is no longer needed it can be returned to the earth.These finely crafted wooden tools are hand finished and exactly sized. They are not only beautiful to look at but feel warm and smooth in your hands and are a pleasure to work with. 

BRITTANY was started in a garage in Northern California in 1978 and has been family run ever since. All of the design and production is done in California, which ensures consistent quality and individual care. Brittany prides itself in being an environmentally-minded company and tries to minimize its impact at every stage of production.  It has worked very hard to develop the “greenest” packaging possible for its needles. It is made from 100% recycled paperboard and is 100% recyclable. The package is as small and lightweight as possible to be efficient in shipping and thus consume less energy getting to the final customer.  Shipping material is reused from packages it receives and it only buys eco-friendly packing material – never styrofoam. The actual amount of trash it creates is minimal, much less than most households. The birch used to make the needles is sustainably harvested. Brittany tries to get the other materials used at the shop in the most environmentally friendly form available.