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The addi Lace Clicks – Long Tips are fully interchangeablewith the original addi Lace Click, Turbo Click and Bamboo Click cords and connectors. Keep in mind that due to their longer length, they will not produce a working needle with the 16″ and 20″ cords – all other cords and tips will work with all four sets.

  • NEW SOS Lifeline Cords! Each cord features two threadable eyelets on each end, near the tip connections, through which a waste yarn can be run (we recommend unflavored dental floss), allowing you to effortlessly create lifelines as you knit. When not in use, the eyelets remain closed so as not to interfere with one’s knitting. Those that have tried them, love them!
  • 8 pairs of addi Lace – Long tips (5.5 inches), US sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 in a newly designed pink wallet case that includes a fold-down pouch for cords, gauge and notions
  • 3 blue addi Lifeline Cords which create 24”, 32”, and 40” needles (approximate lengths).
  • one connector piece which you can use either to join your working cable together so that it becomes a stitch holder or to combine cords for longer lengths
  • an addi needle gauge and an addi Heart Pin