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We think our THRILL SEEKERS (open to everyone) and EAGER WEAVERS (just for weavers) loyalty programs are the "Best in Class".  They are free and easy to join.

To become a THRILL SEEKER all you have to do is sign-up for our NEWSLETTER and we will send you a very short application.   Take 60 seconds to complete and submit the Application and you will become a THRILL SEEKER

To become an EAGER WEAVER you must be a THRILL SEEKER and either have bought a loom from SHEEP THRILLS, or completed our "Introduction to Weaving" Class or successfully displayed weaving proficiency by successfully completing a SHEEP THRILLS' advanced weaving class

As a THRILL SEEKER you will also receive:
(Some of the additional perks of being a THRILL SEEKER have been modified during the pandemic but will be restored as soon as things get back to normal.)  :
  • a minimum of 1 day advance notice of all sales including flash sales;
  • a minimum of 1 day advance notice of all knitting and crochet classes and an opportunity to sign up before the classes are announced to the public;
  • a minimum of 1 day advance notice of all special events and an opportunity to reserve your space before the event is announced to the public;
  • an Invitation to a birthday party during your birth month (currently suspended);
  • free winding of all yarn including yarn not bought at SHEEP THRILLS;
  • complimentary snacks and beverages at the Shop (currently suspended);
  • complimentary plastic sleeves for all patterns;
  • invitations to "By Invitation Only" events including new merchandise showings after each trade show (currently suspended);
  • the opportunity to buy short supply merchandise including one-of-a kind hand made goods that will only be made available to elite members; and
  • if SHEEP THRILLS has a sale and you are unable to get to the shop during the sale you can of course call and make your purchase but in addition you can give us a call and pick a day sometime within one week and come by the store on the day you pick and we will honor the sale for you.
As an EAGER WEAVER you will also:
  • receive all of the perks that a THRILL SEEKER receives;
  • have access to our library of free weaving patterns;
  • be able to have SHEEP THRILLS order any weaving equipment or supplies you may need and will not add any special order charges;
  • be given priority to sign-up for SHEEP THRILLS' weaving classes and events; and
  • if you purchased a loom from SHEEP THRILLS, receive our proprietary "Weaver's Handbook" and all updates as they become available.